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It really doesn't help that she's been very quiet lately. Terra vnesa nude. I was thinking the same thing. Even then itll only live for a little longer though. Stefanie joosten naked. Sitting around programming a nude mod seems kind of pathetic. Can you imagine the outrage if the team that made Life Is Strange commissioned merch like this?

Stef streams and there's no comments here at all. SunnyZ d ago My joystick is ready. I'm guessing it's that documentary they said they were going to do a while back. Guys remember to wish her a happy birthday on twitter or something on the day, she'll love it! Well remember she usually used to do it from like Japan time, so that's pretty muchb24 hours from now. Mom sexy big tits. ZanDatsu Member May 11, Here's the new vid btw.

And by surprise, we met another talent from Limburg, after last weekend Hadewych Minis. I wouldn't rush to conclusions just yet but I'm pretty confident that those people who made such a big deal about that button all those months ago panicked over nothing.

After Quiet's official reveal, the character was met with criticism due to her design being considered over sexualized. Why is she so different now, bros? I'm new here, i only came to this place because it was on Top so it means it must be a good board, right?

Why is this woman moving against anything people managed to achieve when it comes to women in gaming recently? Its going to happen with every game that has enticing women. Fuck, had no idea she was streaming today.

Someone webm Stef singing before Nintendorks get to her. Special surprise announcement in association with CDprojectRed. I do miss her they way she was before too, it doesn't seem too long ago when this place was alive, GaB was here all the time, she stramed, now it's all gone, I didn't think it would be over so soon.

I don't, that's why I asked if anyone has contacted her. The game already has those. She did so much while she was away. Apparently this was his very strange way of trying to get GaB's attention. More Trending Bar Juxtaposition. Don't have an account? We have reached critical mass.

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Shakengandulf d ago I know right, wtf is this shit Also what do you guys think about her changing the stream times?

Characters created by Hideo Kojima Characters designed by Yoji Shinkawa Female characters in video games Fictional marksmen and snipers Konami antagonists Metal Gear characters Fictional secret agents and spies in video games Video game bosses Video game characters introduced in Woman soldier and warrior characters in video games.

Various Examples Search Interest. It's amazing how much can happen in a couple of months. Lesbian bikini fight. More Trending Bar Juxtaposition. The movie Stef is going to shoot in the Netherlands must be the Suddenly film. On September 3rd,Hideo Kojima posted a tweet in which he asked Metal Gear artist Yoji Shinkawa to make some of the characters more "erotic". I had a dream that I met Stef several years from now, she was still a relatively obscure actress but she was married now, I tried to talk to her about geeky stuff and she said that she grew out of that stuff and was focusing on her career and pregnancy.

Reply [Return] [Go to bottom]. That stream is some Grade A webm material. Meepy View Profile View Posts. And so must in this business. Now she is an aspiring literally who European actress. Outside nude women. Stefanie joosten naked. She went back to Europe? People who play tons of video games are somewhat socially inept in general. Metal Gear Solid V: She said it must have been from dehydration.

I don't remember it all but I met her at some mall and I was French for some reason. Yeah I fulton a lot xD Agree 5 Disagree 0.

The reason I kept watching her streams and started following her career and shit is because she came off as a genuinely nice, hard working, fun and chill girl. Pc gamers coming across as very desperate. Seriously doubt she could make it in NL Firstly while I obviously disagree with your opinion of her looks I think you're giving models way too much credit. She left her PS4 behind because she is done with it. Holy fuck, i haven't been here since december and now everything here is kinda depressing where's Ryder, Chibi, Peacebro and GaB?

This friend of Stefanie is getting more action than Miller ever did in this game. Tall dark handsome naked. Liquid is shirtless, Vulcan Raven is shirtless, Vamp is shirtless, Naked Snake is often shirtless, it's a very odd double-standard for people to have an issue with Quiet's clothing.

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Vk lesbian porn Was just posting a pic because the last 15 or so posts weren't showing up for some reason.
Short women tits Try keeping an eye on his page in case he does before he deletes it. Yeah I fulton a lot xD Agree 5 Disagree 0.
Getting their tits out I wouldn't rush to conclusions just yet but I'm pretty confident that those people who made such a big deal about that button all those months ago panicked over nothing.
One piece nude video Can't even see the gameplay. I wonder what Dean is up to. Its going to happen with every game that has enticing women..
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